The brand and experience
are built by
100 years
of business activities
on a global shipbuilding market




   In year 2005 TOWIMOR celebrated 100 years of its history. The company history and development started in 1905,
when the factory was founded by Torun Inland Water Authorities as a repair workshops for small river vessels.

Since then, the Company was continuously connected with shipbuilding industry,
and even bad times of wars did not inter-rupt activities of the Company.

Based on own designs series production of deck equipment for sea-going ships has been started since year 1967.
Today Towimor SA employs 470 people and is a renown supplier of modern marine and offshore equpment.

The company has produced more than 15 000 winches of various type and destination, and more than 1000 cranes,
which were installed on board of more than 3000 ships of many flags. 



Beginnings of the company.Repair workshops for small river vessels with 40-60 employees.




Construction of a new factory at Starotorunska 5 in Torun has been started


1962 Delivery of first cargo winches of 3t and 5t pul  


The company took the name TOWIMOR




Beginning of based on own designs series production of fishing winches, cargo winches, derrick booms and anchor-mooring winches


1968 Export of first cargo winches to Denmark and Soviet Union  


Delivery of first deck cranes with hosting capacity of 5t based on own documentation


First shipsets of anchor-mooring winches exported to Soviet Union and derrick booms to Romania




Export of first trawl winches to Soviet Union



Export of first deck cranes to Bulgary


Towimor staff actively participated in strikes, which gave the beginnings for "SOLIDARITY" Trade Union and political changes in Poland 




The company Quality Management System has been certified by Germanischer Lloyd and Polish Register of Shipping as complying with ISO 9001 standard


 ISO 9001



The Towimor SA Integrated Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety
Management System was certified for the compliance with standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001: 1996 and PN-N-18001:1999


  ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001:1996


Signing of first contracts for delivery of electrically driven anchor-mooring winches to Shipyard in South Korea




Celebrations of 100 years' anniversary




Company structure reorganization - Business Units connected with specific markets and products (BU Maritime, Offshore, Industrial, Service).
Project Management as a driver of company organization.


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